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One of my faculty members is getting all of the app notifications twice and wondered if anyone else was noticing this. I checked her notification settings and didn't see anything I thought was out of the ordinary. Suggestion appreciated!

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Hey  @mjennings ! 

Does the faculty member have two users? I notice that sometimes I get weird behavior caused by multiple users.  Besides that, I'd try all the following: 

  1. Sign out of the app, and sign back in 
  2. Delete the users from the app and sign back in
  3. Reinstall the app
  4. Turn off notifications at the device level (in the settings) for a few minutes and then turn them back on
  5. Turn off all notifications in Canvas under "Push Notifications: For all devices" wait a few minutes and turn them back on

Let me know. 



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Just an update to say that she deleted the app and reinstalled and this seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks again!

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I'm having the same issue and it's getting really annoying. This has been happening for over a year. Deleting and reinstalling the app does nothing. Deleting all accounts and signing in again does nothing. Turning off notifications and turning them back on does nothing.  When are we going to get an actual solution to a four year old problem?!

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