To-Do List for Assignments Not Working For Students

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Students have reported and I have independently tested/verified that any assignments posted that should be in the to-do section of the Canvas Student app is not popping up. Example: an assignment the teacher posted with a next day due date and file upload submission is not showing as a to-do for any students. They have to manually go and find the assignment by tapping on the course and navigating to grades/assignments and uploading from there. This is really frustrating and I hope it can get resolved ASAP.

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While I have no solutions for the the To-Do List issue, I might suggest that you encourage your instructors to create Modules which hold the Assignments.

It's really a best practice for instructors to create Modules and direct students to them to access all of their course content. It's better to "hide" Assignments in the students' Course Navigation Bar so that students see all of the content in the Modules, particularly content-based Pages.  In fact, I set up my Modules to have Requirements so that I can see whether the students are completing all of the items. 

I find that students who rely on their To-Do Lists, the Calendar, or Grades to find their Assignments really miss out on a lot! 


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