Videos not loading on iPhone/iPad via Canvas app or browsers (safari, chrome, firefox, edge)

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I’m having issues with the videos not populating/playing on my iOS devices. They do work on a Windows PC. I have tried all troubleshooting I can think of. Today, I spoke with IT support at my academic institution (Arizona State University) and they were stumped as well.

       Some of the things we tried include: offloading canvas app, clear app cache, update Safari settings, attempted to access the videos via Chrome and Firefox, and I even did a factory reset on my device. I googled the issue as well and it appears that this issue has come up with canvas sporadically over the past few years.
The community post is marked "Solved" but the flagged solution is another reiteration of the problem.
Can anyone offer a solution?
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Community Coach

You have already listed the solutions that come to mind, including contacting your local IT team. You mention the videos play on a Windows PC, and I wonder if there is a file format issue. The formats are the same but there are different documents in the Canvas Guides depending on the Canvas tool used:

The only other thing I would do is re-export the videos, perhaps changing the encoding settings, to see if that helps. Or if you can upload them to YouTube, they can be played from there.

I hope our colleagues in the Community have other ideas on how to deal with this.

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