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I am the teacher for my fraternity's canvas page. I added committee heads as TA's to the course so they could add events to the syllabus, but they are still required to obtain points I would grade. Is there a way to give them the permissions of a TA, but also be able to grade them? Can I create a new section but in that section their role is student?

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Community Team

@abbycarls Thank you for reaching out to your community for support. We do not recommend giving users multiple roles because they can start to conflict with each other. The best option would be to have the admin of the account make a custom role that may allow them specific permissions but have mostly student permissions when it comes to being able to earn points. Otherwise, they would need to be bumped down to a student role in order for you to give them points as you are for others and find another way for them to contribute to the syllabus.

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