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A history of pubish/unpublish on Canvas elements?

As a Canvas admin; Is it possible to find a history/log of publish/unpublish activities on a Canvas element?

We have a quiz that is unpublished, but have submissions from students.

Can I find out if the Quiz at some point in time have been published and then unpublished again?

Do we have a leak of unpublished content  or just a teacher with a lossy memory ?
(Most of the submissions seems to come from the student app)

Tips are appreciated 🙂


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Not really.  You can look at the user activity log for the teacher to see when they went to the settings area for the quiz, but you can't really tell what they changed.  You might be able to correlate thee attempt times on the quiz attempts to the teacher's access to the test settings, but that's probably it.

However, as far as I can tell, you can't unpublish a quiz if there are student submissions, so it sounds like there is something else going on...


Hi @arild_a_flobak 


It would be difficult to find each change that was made, maybe not possible at all. I do know from experience that if a quiz or assignment had submissions but the teacher deleted it and it was restored, it can come back as unpublished. Sometimes once manually deleted items are restored they have to be published again but the submissions will still be tied to it.