A problem with a Binary-Decimal conversion

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In the knowledge check for 4.1 Binary Number System, CPE-CIDSE-101, I came cross a question that asks the 8-bit binary representation of decimal value 45,  the correct answer provided is 0b 00101101  which is confusing.

Can anybody help? Thanks.


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Instructure Alumni

Hello,  @cheunghyx  Welcome to the Canvas Community! You probably don't realize that you've posted your question about a course question in a global forum where people gather to talk about Canvas and its features. This is not a homework help site—and we think you probably meant to post this question somewhere in your course.

Please reach out to your instructor for guidance. The quickest way to contact your instructor is through the Canvas Inbox (How do I send a message to a user in a course in the Inbox as a student?‌).

And to ensure that this conversation doesn't solicit any solutions to the problem, we've locked it.

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