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A specific question about quiz score and kept_score

Hello, I have a question about the relationship of the score, kept_score, and fudge_points column in the quiz_submission_historical_fact table. When I was joining the table, I found out a interesting case where fudge_points is 0 and the assignment only allow 1 attempts, but score doesn't equal to kept_score. And even interestingly is when I go to the Canvas dashboard, to my understanding since we only care about kept_score, the Canvas dashboard should show the kept_score value instead of the score value. But from what I see, the Canvas dashboard showed the score column value instead of the kept_score column value. Is that a bug or is it designed like that? And what may cause the score not equal to kept_score when fudge_points is 0 and the quiz only has 1 attempt? 

I hope I word my problem clearly

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