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API - how to create grade passback?

I'm at a loss on how to create grade passback. I've used the Canvas Live API tool to check the course ID, Student ID and assignment ID. All seem to work fine.

When I try to use Score using those ID's, I keep getting errors.

I've filled in all the required fields, including the iso 8601 time stamp.

I keep getting this error:

{ "errors": [ { "message": "An error occurred.", "error code": "unprocessable_entity" } ] }

and a response code of 422 despite using the Live API interface to look up the student ID from the course. 

When I look back at the courses returned when I looked for a list of my courses, I noticed this parameter:

"grade_passback_setting": null,

Is that the cause? If so - how can I set it to allow grade passback?

I know apps can use grade passback - We use GoReact and it works very well. I just haven't figure out the process for setting it up.

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