Ability for teacher to see student grades in all classes

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Teachers need the ability to see how their students are doing in all their courses in order to better support the student. We need a full picture of how the student is doing all around. This would allow us to be more informed as we contact families to support student success/engagement; to collaborate with other teachers in supporting the student; and to learn from teachers in whose class the student is doing better. My role: teacher.

To my understanding, only those with "administrator" priveliges in Canvas can access this information. Teachers need it also.

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Hi @sarahmurchison 

Even for Admins, this is a very tedious thing in which the admin must manually go to all of the students' classes. We cannot just pull-up the student and see all of their grades. We can Masquerade as the student, then view their grades through the Dashboard, but still tedious.

If you would like to suggest this additional functionality, you should create a new Idea Conversation in this community, or support an existing one.

In a quick review of Idea Conversations, I found the following conversation that may work for you: Monitor Student Grades in All Courses.

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