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Access documents from Google Shared Drives

My 5th grade team collaborates on student work in reading. We created different Google slide shows and house them in a team drive in our Google accounts. When trying to add those to the Canvas course, however, we cannot see or access the "Shared Drives" section of Google. Is this possible? Am I missing something? Can this be done?

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Neither of these links address the original question about Shared Drives.

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Still looking for the answer to this problem.  My district has created a shared drive that houses thousands of materials for our French Programs.  This are things that we need on a daily basis to post in our classes to do our job.  Yet, currently in Canvas, we are not able to access these files on the shared drive, only the files on our personal drives. This is something that needs to resolved ASAP.  There is not enough time in the day to constantly be making copies of materials to place in our personal Goggle Drive, to upload into Canvas.  And clearly we are not the only people with this problem. PLEASE figure out a way for teachers to access their SHARED GOOGLE DRIVES in order to do our jobs efficiently!


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This is so frustrating.  There is no way this is harder than sending someone to Mars or building a space station and yet here we are getting suggestions that don't address the question you asked.  Thanks for asking!

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Thanks for pressing on this.  Seems like if space station can be built then letting us access a shared drive would be a matter of minutes for a coder at either Google or Canvas.

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I am wondering if you read the question.  Neither of these are in the same hemisphere as the question that was asked which only makes us more frustrated.  Please ask if you do not know google or do not help.

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The only way I have figured out how to reach our shared drive from Canvas is if you create a KAMI assignment through the paid version of this app.  I pay for this myself because I like KAMI and have used it before in GC, but not everyone in our district is willing to pay personal money to do it.  It has to be an easy fix, right?  Come on Canvas.... PLEASE make this a priority.  All of the problems with bitmoji pages can wait.  We need to be able to access the basic functions in order to do CDL.  

Merci encore.

I know, KAMI literally has the interface built to access your entire Google Drive including shared folders, this cannot be difficult. 

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Here's what I've found:

The default integration with Google Drive pulls in files located in your "My Drive" area. You can still use and share Google doc links from the "Shared Drives" area, but it is more of a manual process. Here's how:

  1. Access the Shared Drive through (not through Canvas).
  2. Locate the file to share.
  3. Right-click on the file, and then select Get sharable link.
  4. Click Restricted and select Only [my institution] or Anyone with the link. (Note that you may see a quick link that says Change to [my institution] that will also make the document sharable.)
  5. Copy the link from the share window.
  6. Navigate to your Canvas course and post the link on a page or module.

If you are wanting to embed rather than use the link, change the share settings as in steps 1-4 above and then:

  1. Open the file.
  2. Select File >> Publish to the web.
  3. Select Embed and copy the embed code. 
  4. Navigate to your Canvas course and create or open a page where the document will be added.
  5. Click Edit to enter edit mode.
  6. Select HTML Editor.
  7. Paste the embed code on the page. I would recommend the top or bottom of the HTML code.
  8. Select Rich Content Editor and continue editing the page as needed.
  9. Press Save to save any changes.