Accessing student data after end of Canvas agreement/contract

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We are coming to the end of our agreement with CANVAS, this is happening in a few days (due to a change of direction in the way we deliver our courses). By regulations in Australia, we need to hold on to student assessments and data for at least 5 years and will need to produce this data if we are to be audited.

Canvas gives me the impression that at the end of our agreement that access will be deleted and all content will be deleted.

Can you please let me know if a) my research is correct in that all data will be deleted and b) if so, is it possible to export all of the assessment and student data out so we can hold onto it for audit purposes and c) if possible, please point me in the direction of how to do it. 

Please note that just paying the annual fee for the next 5 years to maintain the data is not viable for our small school. 

Thanks in advance.