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Account Role Permissions: "Teacher" user at the Account Role Level?

Hello! My district is attempting to set up Account Roles to prepare for a csv upload of our district personnel who will not be automatically imported through our SIS connection. The majority of our district-level users (counselors, secretaries, etc) will essentially need to be able to act as Teachers within their own accounts: they need to be able to make their own courses manually, manage the content within their courses, access and use the Commons, etc. Does anyone have a "blueprint" or "cheatsheet" of permissions for a role that they've already built that will act that way at the Account Level? Some of our users will be set at the SubAccount level (counselors, for example) but we also have Root level users who will use the same role within Canvas. These users do not need any elevated rights above what Teachers can do, but we have to add the role at the Account Role level. We've already gone through the Canvas permissions documentation, but we figured with as many districts that are using Canvas already, someone has created a role that fits these needs. 

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@CatSimpson It sounds like you may have two different needs.  A "teacher" (anyone that is a teacher in at least one course) can, if enabled, create courses, manage courses that they either created or are a teacher in, access commons.  If you are wanting them to see all courses regardless of them being a teacher in them, then that is where an Admin account comes in.  For this, we have what we have very creatively called a "Sub-Account Admin". This is modeled off the regular admin role but does not allow for really managing of anything.  I can share screenshots of the stuff we did not allow if you would like.  

It was mainly designed for people like department chairs/heads to be able to see what is going on in all courses and step in if needed.  We give this permission at the sub-account level (navigate to the sub-account, then to "settings" -> "admins") so it restricts their access to just their department.  We have a very detailed sub-account structure so that helps facilitate this need.

Please reach out if you would like me to share the screenshots and explain a few reasons why we restricted what we did.