Student who is also a teacher in other courses is can edit the courses where she is a student

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I have a person in our organization who is a student in a course and also a teacher in other courses.  In the course where she is a student, she can edit as a teacher, even though she has only one role in the course- a student. Any ideas on how to ensure that she can act as a teacher in one class and as a student in another class?  Thank you!  Kay 

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@schma3 You may want to direct that question to Canvas support or make sure she is not an Admin of some sort.  We have lots of Teacher/Student crossover and have never run into course(s) where anyone gets any more power than what the role of that course dictates. If she is an Admin, that trumps all roles so she would have full admin access at any level she is an admin.  This sounds more like what is happening.  Quick way to tell, when she logs in, does she have an "Admin" button right under the "Account" button in the global navigation menu?


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