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Account level group - messaging users

I am an admin of a sub-account.  I am working to create some sub-account groups that will each have a few hundred students in them.  The one functionality that appears to be missing in order for it to meet our needs is the ability to message all of the users in a group.  In testing, we can message them by choosing each name individually, but with hundreds of students, that's clearly not something we want to have to do.

We can send announcements to the group, but there is no visual indication that there is a new announcement, other than if they click on Groups and then on the group, or if their notifications are set to send them an email or text.  

I am an admin and don't seem to be able to do this.  I've assigned a co-worker as the "leader" of the group, and she doesn't seem to be able to do this either.

Am I missing something?  Any suggestions or ideas?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @tconner ...

Have you considered posting a Global Announcement at the sub-account level?  This way, your message would show up on the Canvas Dashboard to only those students within that particular sub-account.  The announcement stays on the Dashboard for the duration (date/time) you set it to end...or if the student clicks on the "X" to make it permanently go away from their view.

For example, as an admin, click on your "Sub-Accounts" menu on the left side of your administrative pages of Canvas.  Then, click on the name of one of your sub-accounts.  Next, click on "Settings".  Finally, click on the "Announcements" tab to add a global announcement to that particular sub-account.

How do I create a global announcement in an accoun... - Instructure Community

Doing it this way, you don't have to select individual students or groups of're just posting a message to everyone who happens to be enrolled in a course within that particular sub-account.

Do you think this alternative might work for your needs?  Keep us posted...thanks!

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@chofer - Thanks for the idea!

Unfortunately, the groups are to split the sub-account into cohorts, which each need different information on different timelines, so I don't think that option works for what we're trying to do.  Open to more suggestions though!