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I am an administrator for other courses. I often have to go into these courses to check everything is fine. To reduce the time spent navigating around the site, I was wondering if it is possible to add these courses from the admin tab to the dashboard?

To be clear, I am not enrolled in the course as an instructor, but have access to it though administrator rights (course designer, I believe). Therefore, using the normal method of going to courses > all courses > selecting the star to show them on the dashboard would not work.

If it is not possible, that is fine. Although I wonder if this is something that could be implemented for the future?

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@joel_taylor You need to be some level of user in the course for them to be on your dashboard.  You could add yourself as an observer to the course which no one but the teacher would see and then they would be on your dashboard.  Your admin permissions would override your observer status so it would not change your access in the course.

Hope this helps!


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