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Add questions to test bank

How do I create a test bank of the questions from my quizzes for the semester?

I am meaning Move, Copy questions I already have in my other quizzes to a test bank?

I am in Quizzes, I clicked to manage test banks, I am in a test bank, I see how to add and individual NEW question to a test bank, but I do not see a way to go to a quiz to choose questions to add to the test bank.

If I am in a quiz, I see no way to choose questions to add it to a test bank.

Based on what I am reading on here, any new questions are placed in a test bank labeled "Unfiled"

I have very few of my total questions in the Unfiled test bank, could it be that the rest were created before this was automatically done?  I have been using Canvas for years.

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check out the following forum questioin - be sure to scroll down and look at the response by james and his observations.

Not sure if this will help you, but it is worth a shot