Adding an additional email address using SIS Import

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Is it possible to add an email address using the SIS Import tool?  In my tests it seems to only overwrite the current default email address.  (Also, all the notification options were turned off, when we would like to have them turned on.)

I may be confused because this respondent states, "SIS Import of a CSV file will only let you add one email or change an existing one.

Otherwise, is the only option to use the REST API to work with communications channels?  Or can communication channels be modified using SIS imports?


A few notes:

The added email should become the default.

It seems obvious, but the email should only be added if it does not already exist.

If the email already exists, it should be made the default.



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Community Coach

Hello David,

The user record only has one primary email address attached to it, and that is what gets set/updated with the SIS import.

Notification settings and channels (such as additional email addresses) are in separate database tables, and aren't controlled by the SIS user feed.

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