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Adding questions from existing quiz to bank

How do I add questions from an existing quiz to the question bank? I don't have the "Build" option when I click on the 3 dots associated to the quiz.

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Good morning, @AnnTran ...

When you are on your "Quizzes" index page that lists all quizzes in your course, do your quizzes have a white rocket ship icon? Or, do any of them have a black rocket ship icon? If they are white, those are all current Classic Quizzes. The black ones are New Quizzes. If you have any New Quizzes, you would either have to click on the name of that quiz and then click on the "Build" button...or from the "Quizzes" page, you can click on the three dots to the far right of your New Quizzes quiz item, and then select "Build". Any current Classic Quiz would not have the "Build" option.

Hope this helps a bit. Sing out if you have any other questions...thanks!

They do not have the black rocket:( How do I go about creating a New Quiz as opposed to a Classic Quiz?

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Hello again, @AnnTran ...

You will need to reach out to your school's Canvas administrator to ask about New Quizzes. Not all schools that utilize Canvas as their LMS have enabled New Quizzes yet. Some schools have...but others have not. Your school's Canvas admin should be able to tell you what their plan is for New Quizzes and when they might be making it available to you and the other instructors at your school.

Hope this helps! Good luck!