Adding questions (self assess, survey, self checks) to a Canvas Page (not Canvas Quizzes)

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I know the question of self-assessment on a Canvas Page has been posted before...but I am hoping for some code options.

I am looking for coding options for embedding questions on a Canvas Page (not through Canvas Quizzes). For example, if I want students to do a quick "check-in" or "self-assess"...I want them to do it on the page itself. More for informal assessment/non-graded, than formal assessment. However, if there was a way to see who completed or to collect the answers, I could see that as being useful as well.

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Hello there, @akingsley189 ...

I'm not sure if your school has purchased DesignPLUS from Cidi Labs, but they have an element that you can build into pretty much any page that would allow a self-check like you describe that is not, in any way, connected to the Canvas Gradebook.  It wouldn't provide any of the data collection you are looking for, though.

Is there a reason that you wouldn't want to use the existing Quizzes feature of Canvas?  You could set this up as a Practice Quiz or an Ungraded that they don't populate in the Gradebook.  Yes, this would be an extra screen for your students to navigate to, but you might be able to collect the data you're looking for easier than implementing something using standard HTML code on a page.  What quiz types can I create in a course? - Canvas Community

I know this might not be the answer you were looking for, but I hope it may help you in deciding what route to take with your course(s).  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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Hi @akingsley189 

There is an HTML hack that will let you embed questions in a page, but it will not gather any data for you. @Chris_Hofer  is correct, in the current state of Canvas, Quizzes are still your best bet.

To add to what Chris said, you could add a content link on the page to a simple quiz, and in the quiz instructions area, you could add a link back to the original page. You could link multiple small quizzes to  multiple areas n the page. In this way student could read some text, click the link to answer a question, click the link in the quiz to return and read more, etc.!

I have set many professional development courses up like that for faculty in the past, and it works just fine.

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