Adding secondary logins

Community Coach
Community Coach

We're interested in adding a secondary login to our campus Canvas user accounts, to facilitate inter-campus logins between the different campuses in our system.

The process/format for using SIS Import to create secondary logins is pretty straightforward ( ).  However, we are finding that when we add a new login via SIS Import, that login automatically gets identified as the primary login, which impacts the user info that is passed to LTIs and external integrations.  

That's not what we're looking for.  We want to keep the original login_id that is sent with users feed as the primary, and just add a secondary login that can be used for authentication.  I can do it with the API, similar to the way we do it via the GUI for individual users, but that doesn't really work for our user creation/management workflow.

The underlying issue seems to be that a login_id which is added that includes a new user_sis_id (required for SIS Import) automatically gets set to be the primary login_id.

Has anyone else tried this, and found a workaround for this behavior?

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