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Finally there is an option to use backgrounds in BBB! 🙂 But as far as I can see you still can't add your own backgrounds, you can only choose the ones that BBB has uploaded themselves. Hopefully I am wrong, though. 😉 Is there any way of adding your own backgrounds in BBB? 



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@rebecca_asker I am not sure about Big Blue Button, but I like an app called ChromaCam, which lets you customize your background with images or slides. Using ChromaCam, you select the app as your camera, and you have custom background whether your video conference service supports it or not. It is free to try, but the pro version performs much better. 

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@rebecca_asker - If you're looking to add a background for Big Blue Button and you are currently unable to do so, you can always make a request for Conferences.How do idea conversations work in the Instructure Community? 

@dhulsey - Thanks for sharing such a cool resource!

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