Align due dates for a course associated with a blueprint course to the course start date

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Is there a way for due dates in an associated course (the child course of a blueprint course) to automatically align to the term start date? Otherwise, we would have to manually adjust the due dates for every discussion, assignment, and quiz in all of our associated courses every term. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Carter41

I think I understand.

I my opinion, the only reason to use a Master Course is to have the ability to lock content from being edited by the instructor and to be able to update content to several courses at the same time, especially while the course is being taught. If you don't need to do these things, then using a course shell as a template that you import from each term would be a bettor workflow because you can use the import tool to adjust due dates.

If you do need to lock content and want to update content to multiple live courses, could you combine using a Master Course and a template? In the master course you would have only the content that you want to lock and that you may want to update. For example, help pages, tech requirements, the syllabus. The template would have the rest of the content and due dates that you import. When you import from the template, you can use the adjust dates to make the setup easier.

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