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All CANVAS pages Blank / didn't load

On my student dashboard, all I see is a white screen. I can still hover over things and see what link they go to but I can't see any of my courses or the side panel. 

I have reloaded the page many times, cleared my cookies, and restarted google chrome. Canvas loads on my non-school google browser though. So somehow its just when I am logged into chrome on my school account.   ??? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning, @rlg6 ...

That's pretty odd.  Is your Chrome browser up-to-date?  Have you tried using Mozilla Firefox instead to see if you get different results?  You might need to reach out to Canvas Support on this one.  Keep us posted!

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Yes browser is up to date. Funny thing is I can't reach out to canvas support because I can't click the link from the "help" button menu since it doesn't load. 🙂
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@rlg6 ...

Interesting...  What about trying a different browser such as Firefox?

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hmmm... I restarted Chrome AGAIN and it now loads. I've had this issue before though...
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Hi again, @rlg6 ...

That's strange!  I'd still be interested in knowing if Firefox gives you better results.

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