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An issue on inserting images-"Load more results" doesn't work

We have found an issue on inserting images. When we try to insert an image in a content page through "Images" as the screenshot below, it only lists part of the images; and if clicking "Load more results", no more image will come out. But we do have more images in the course.

"Load more results" seems like a new feature, but it doesn't work well. We have tested in Chrome and Firefox. Any idea? Thanks!

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 3.41.01 PM.png

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Community Team
Community Team

I am seeing the same thing,  @liuz21 . I just tested this by selecting two different image-heavy courses in two different accounts in both Chrome and Firefox. When I click on "Load more results," the three loading dots appear, making it look like something is about to happen--but no new results load.

Have you opened a support case yet? If you have, please take a moment to circle back to this discussion and post your case number so that others who report the same problem can reference your ticket.

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I haven't opened a support case yet.

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We just discovered that when editing a page/assignment, instead of using the Image tab to upload course images, use the "embed image" button (looks like a mountain) which routes you to the insert image options page, then you can select the image from your course files or Flicker.  Just works better! 

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We have the same issue and submitted a case today, 01837721, if anyone wants to reference it.

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We've noticed this problem for a couple of weeks. We have at least two tickets in on it, seems to be a known issue.

EDIT: Additional info - seems to only happen when there are more than 50 images in the course


I submitted a ticket about this almost a month ago. Our Support case was #01765923 Here was the response from Support