Annotation tool for file-upload Quiz questions

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This is for an upload question inside a Canvas quiz

Please don't respond with the generic " how to submit/view annotation feedback from an assignment". That is a different topic, and no-issues there.

Here, I am specifically asking about a question in a Canvas quiz, that has a file-upload response from students.

As instructors we can open our canvas app, say in our ipad, and the app allows us to use the annotation tools to edit the file.

But it seems like nobody else can see the annotations we made. So, what is the point?

When students go to their graded quiz there is no " view feedback" for students to click ( this does exist in an assignment, but not in quizzes).

If they click in the pdf file, they see the same one they uploaded, without the annotations.

Is there any way students can see the annotations we made in the canvas app in the ipad?