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Anonymous Peer review in Rubric not visible to student

A draft paper submission is set up to assign two anonymous peer reviewers to each assignment.

The student reviewers can use the rubric attached to the assignment to award points and add comments. Or, they can leave comments in the box in the assignment.

One student in the course is not able to see the comments or number ratings that their reviewers placed in the rubrics.

As an admin, I am able to see the graded/commented rubrics, but when acting as the student, I can't see them.

Has anyone experienced this? None of the other students have reached out to say they have the same issue.

I've attached screen grabs that compare my Admin view with the Student view. The Admin view indicates that the assignment has been reviewed because of the green underscore in the Rubric.

Any thoughts are welcome.




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Hello @ElizabethMcGraw 

Thank you for contacting the Instructure Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with students viewing their peer review submissions. On the student view, it  shows that the instructor is still working on grades. Is the assignment set to a manual  grade posting policy while they finish grading them? Or has the teacher temporarily hidden anything? You stated that only one student has been noted to have this issue. Have you masqueraded as other students to see if it is the same? If so, it is likely  due to the assignment settings while the teacher is grading it themselves. If not, then there could be an issue with the student's account. 

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Hi greydon,

Thanks for your thoughts.

The Grading settings are on Manual, so the students can't yet see their grades. When I masquerade as a student, some of the students can see their reviews and some cannot. I haven't drilled down yet to see if all of the Rubric based feedback is invisible. Students are also submitting reviews as comments on the submission page.

One theory I've developed about this is that when the prof makes the grades visible, the missing peer reviews will also appear. But it is hard to test that without changing the grading scheme.


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