Are answers for "matching" quizzes always shuffled?

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I am trying to design a quiz using the matching function because it allows me to copy and paste multiple answers all at once.  The nature of the quiz requires that I have ~75 possible answers.

When I preview the quiz, all the answers are jumbled.  I do not have the "shuffle answers" box checked, so I don't know why they are shuffled.  Other quiz types do not seem to have this problem.  Is this something unique to the 'matching' quiz type?

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Community Coach

Hi  @u0743737 ​...

Although this Canvas Guide, How do I create a Matching quiz question?, doesn't really mention it, Matching questions are designed to mix up the possible answers for students so that they can match answers to the choices presented.  The "Shuffle Answers" option you see, as described in What options are available in Canvas quizzes?, is not directly associated with the Matching question type.  That option is, I believe, designed more for multiple choice questions (anyone know of other question types this applies to...if any?).

I hope this helps, Christian!

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