Are instructor created media recordings saved anywhere in Canvas?

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If an instructor records a video message to students in the inbox, provides video feedback to an assignment, or creates a media recording using the rich content editor, are the media files saved anywhere in Canvas? I have instructors who would like to reuse the same media recording in multiple areas (message, feedback, etc) but there is no way to pull them up again as you would a regular file. Any suggestions?

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Hi  @skreitzer   I'm actually kind of excited because forever I have thought this was impossible.  However, I ran into a post by  @jared  here Download media recordings? and tested in both an announcement and Speedgrader and it works!  As the post indicates, these need to be downloaded one at a time but I love learning something new and now need to go email one of our professors that had some content recorded a while back and didn't think downloading it was possible either!

The files, as far as I can tell, are not accessible anywhere in Canvas to link in multiple places as you indicated, but being able to get the MP4 file provides an option of placing this separately in Canvas if desired, or what I am going to suggest to our faculty is placing these videos in either YouTube or our lecture-capture/streaming service Panopto.  At that point, they can be linked anywhere in Canvas without having to worry about storage issues.

I hope this helps and best wishes!

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