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Are there alternatives to Respondus LockDown Browser for Chromebooks?

Our school district has been using Respondus Lockdown Browser with our Chromebooks for over a year. It continues to offer poor results, with some students never being able to access their quizzes/tests and the distribution is always random. That, among poor security within the browser itself, has kept us searching for any alternative, though we haven't found one yet. Is anyone using any secure testing application for Canvas besides Respondus LockDown Browser?

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@CHPS_IT We use Proctorio which is a Chrome Extension (You still have to pay for it).  It is not perfect but does work pretty well.  We had piloted Respondus several years ago and had so many issues getting the app installed on student devices (we are a university so all the devices are owned by the students and are all very different) to the point where students refused to have it installed on their computers.  We then tested out several systems and Proctorio won out.  Honorlock is another one we considered.  There are others out there but those are the ones we looked at.