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Is it possible to backdate learners into a 'new' section?

My current setup: The learner has enrolled and accepted the course, I have then created a new section and would like to move them across to this new section. Is this possible? or once they have accepted are they locked in?

I have an Admin account and have tried going to:

Course > People > A Learner Name > Edit Section

but in this window the 'new' section doesn't show to be selected.

Have I missed something? Thanks in advance

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I've been in contact with the Help Desk and it's been resolved.

The issue was because we have Conversations turned off, this made editing Sections unavailable. That seems like a slightly odd quirk but luckily, we're in a position to turn Conversations back on for Admins and this will make this work for us.

Thanks for your support Chris!

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