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How do I contact Canvas Support?

How do I contact Canvas Support?

Depending on the institution, Canvas users can contact Canvas Support through the Help menu in Canvas Global Navigation on the web or the Help option in the User Menu from one of the Canvas mobile apps. Canvas support agents are trained to assist all Canvas user roles, including students, instructors, and observers/parents/caregivers.

Institutions can customize their Help Menu with the help resources they want their users to use, as well as by role. Canvas documentation displays the default menu options, but what options display in Canvas for you may be different from the screenshots shown in the reference lessons below.

Canvas Web

Instructors/Teachers/Course Facilitators: How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?

Students: How do I get help with Canvas as a student?

Parents/Observers: How do I get help with Canvas as an observer?

Admins: Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

What if there is no Help button in my Global Navigation?

In some cases, the Help Menu may be disabled altogether. If you do not see a Help menu in Canvas, use the support resources provided by your institution or contact your institution's IT department. If your question is able to be shared publicly, you may consider asking the Canvas Community.


Canvas is not letting me into my EQ already enrolled class?  Not sure what I need to do on this?  Any prompt help would be appreciated.

My canvas course has been completely deleted. I checked it yesterday and it was fine, and I checked it this morning and none of my information is there. I don't know what happened but I had My canvas ready for Monday and now I have nothing. 

How can I permanently delete my canvas account? I accidentally made this account, so now i have two 😞 Please someone help me..

Can Canvas course content be exported for use by a student that does not have access to intenet?

@angelique_smyth and @MrsMerrill,

Please follow the links in this lesson for information on contacting Canvas support or reach out to your institution for assistance.



Please view this lesson for more information on ePub export.


Hi @00 

Are you attempting to delete an account here in the Canvas Community? Or in Canvas?


I was attempting to make a video in which I wanted to share my screen, but noticed that the 'Screen Capture' in the drop down menu that I saw in a tutorial video was not showing on my computer. How do I fix that, please?

I am repeatedly running into an error message telling me "Oops, your session has expired due to inactivity" when trying to import content from Canvas Commons. Repro steps:

- sign into Canvas instructure

- click on Dashboard on the left side panel

- click Start a New Course on the far right side

- enter a course name, and for Content License, choose Public Domain

- you'll be brought to a new blank course you've created

- click on "Import from Commons" on the far right

- You should be prompted to "Authorize" your account

- I click on Authorize and get an error message: "Oops, your session has expired due to inactivity. Refresh and try again"

I have tried refreshing many times, using different browsers, incognito etc. Can someone please assist? 

@josh_schulte I'm sorry that you're running into this issue with Commons authentication. Please use the methods outlined in this guide to contact our Canvas Support team to report and troubleshoot this issue. They'll be able to help you authenticate properly so you can access Commons content.


- Nathan

@william_payne are you using Studio to record a video? If so, you can follow this guide to access and download the software needed to use the Screen Record. If it still doesn't work, please click the Help link in Canvas for options to contact Canvas Support for help troubleshooting this.


- Nathan

My student has sent me a pairing code and it will not work. Please help me figure this out. Thank you.

@CanvasDocTeam Thanks for this info, I opened a support ticket yesterday through the proper channel, shortly after posting here. Case #06223609 for your reference. When can I expect a response? This issue is still ongoing and fully roadblocking me from importing anything from canvas commons. 

how do i access the calendar feed for a single course from my canvas account?  I have multiple live courses but I want to embed the calendar from a single course into a google calendar

Hi @Christiniaz,

Here is a guide that walks through how to link to a student's account: How do I link a student to my user account as an observer? Have you signed up for a Canvas account as a parent? Or has your school given you a Canvas account with Observer permissions? If so, can you provide more information about what you're able to see and what isn't working? 


Hi @jmiddle,

At this time, the calendar feed displays all course calendars. We do have a feature idea that suggests adding functionality to choose which courses display (Select which courses go in Calendar Feed). If you'd like to support the idea, you can add you thoughts by commenting on the idea or kudoing the idea. 


I am receiving an error when I enter my child's pairing code, during Canvas Observer sign up. I have tried copying + pasting, as well as entering the pairing code manually. Several different pairing codes have been attempted. 


Thank you,

I have already set my password and completed my registration, but I am unable to complete my courses. It continues to tell me to complete registration and sends another email. I am able to login with my user and password. Anything that can be done to fix this? 

How do I add students to a course? I am getting a message stating "No matches found"

Pairing Codes - FAQ PDF may be a helpful resource in troubleshooting the pairing codes? Take a look and let us know if it's still giving you troubles.

How do I accept an email invitation to join a Canvas walks through the steps that I'm guessing you took to join Canvas? Reviewing it may help troubleshoot the account.  If not, you may want to check with your teacher or local school admin to see if they can help with the account.  Let us know if you aren't able to solve it.

How do I add users to a course? will walk you through the steps of adding students.  Your school may have your permissions restricted to only add students that already have accounts.  If that's the case you'll want to check with your local admin to see how they recommend getting students added! 


How do I upload my syllabus. I need the steps needed.

I am currently not receiving notifications on my canvas app for my classes. How do I fix this? Or is this a problem on Canvas' side?

My professor put out the template for the assignment and when I try to download it, it will not download and when I click the little magnifying glass, it still doesn't work. How can I resolve this?

@AOLG2011 you'll want to reach out to your instructor to see if they restrict download and also maybe ask what file type they use.  They may be able to help you troubleshoot the exact document.

I get an observer code from my son's canvas account, but when I enter it to create my parent account, I tells me it's an invalid pairing code. Please help!


How do I remove my account..I accidentally downloaded the app but instead of student I put teacher.  How do I fix this issue with the app? Please help

@ghonegger1 I don't believe that should be an issue as you are enrolled with a specific user role in a course so it shouldn't matter what you selected in the app. Can you download the Canvas Student app (either How do I download the Canvas Student app on my iOS device? or How do I download the Canvas Student app on my Android device?) and log in to view your courses as a student? If so, you should be fine. If not, you'll need to contact Canvas Support using one of the methods outlined in this guide (unfortunately deleting an account isn't something we can help out with in these comments). Let us know if you have any other questions.


- Nathan

When trying to pair my account to my child's account, it keeps saying pairing code invalid. I have tried everything to make it work, but nothing is. What do I need to do?

How do I find out who our Customer Success Manager is? I am one of the admins. of our Canvas instance, and I am having no luck. 

Thank you.


Hi @miller_beaird,

We're looking up your school's CSM now. 


Hi again, @miller_beaird,

Just send you an email with the contact information for your school's CSM. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out. 


Hi @meganstyles84,

A few questions to consider:

  • Has this pairing code been used already by another observer (another parent, for example)? Pairing codes can only be used by one observer, so you would need to generate a new one in this case
  •  Is the Canvas account you are logged in under using the same URL as the account as your child?
  • Are you entering the pairing code exactly as it displayed in your child's account. (case-sensitive, no added spaces)
  • Was the pairing code generated longer than one week ago? (Pairing codes only stay valid for 7 days)


I can't find the solution/answer for deleting the account. I emailed the "support" team through the link I found in the community reply but I didn't get help yet. I am using the account my school district provided so I'd like to delete the account I created on my own. I am using my school email address for both accounts. This is the most complicated website to get help! My frustration level is going up because there is the same question posted a few times by someone else, but all answers are "contact through this link." Even though you emailed them, there is no reply. 

Hi @kmyhre

I'm so sorry to hear that you're struggling with this! As a student or teacher, you can't delete your Canvas account. You'll have to get help from a Canvas admin. It sounds like you've reached out to Canvas Support for help and they've not replied to your request for help quite yet. 

When you created your own account, did you do it through your institution (e.g., did you enter [yourschool'sname] or did you create an account at If you created an account at your school using your personal email address, you might be able to expedite the process by reaching out to your school's IT helpdesk. If you ask them to direct you to the Canvas admin, they should be able to help you merge your two accounts. 

Hopefully this helps! Please reach out if we can provide any further clarification for you. 




I think I found a bug with the grade sync. When I change the status with for a grade (ex: take the late indicator off of a student's assignment), the grade sync feature is not picking up if there were any grade changes since the last sync. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

Canvas isn't allowing me to video myself for an assigment.  It is stating, "I do not have appropriate privileges".  Please advise what is the best method to solve this issue.

Hi @Brian007,

Most internet browsers and computers require special permissions to be set so a website can access your camera. I'd recommend verifying both are set to allow the camera to be used. 


Hi @pricetg

Thanks for posting your comment here in the Canvas Guides! I'd recommend that you reach out to Canvas Support and share your findings with them. They're trained to triage these kinds of things and they can diagnose the problem and make sure it's addressed properly. 



My canvas is set to the spanish language and I do not know how to switch it back to english. What do i do?

How are teachers allowed to adjust the term name for their course?  We created our courses prior to rostering so all of the students went into "default term" instead of the term for their school.  As an admin I can change it for the teacher in their course but we have hundreds of courses to update so I was hoping I can show teachers how to do it, but right now they don't have the access.  


Instructors can adjust the start and end dates for their course in Course Settings. Please view this lesson for more information: How do I change the start and end dates for a course?



You can view this lesson for information on updating language preferences: (the same steps will apply if you are not an instructor.)





I keep getting this error message when i click "Marker Allocation". May I know how to resolve this issue? Thank you!

Hi @JiayuanLim,

This looks like a specific external tool that has been enabled by your school or course. Marker Allocation is not something that is traditionally part of the Canvas UI. Please reach out to your teacher or institution for help and feedback on where support issues should be sent.


My name on canvas appears to be first, middle and my last name. But I only want my first and last to be visible. I tried editing it in settings and it's not letting me. What should I do. 

Each semester this happens and students receive failing grades for system failures God help 


I am an instructor at UBC, and I was wondering if someone can assist me. In the Canvas dashboard, I still see the Canvas shells of the courses that I taught over the summer semester, along with the ones for the courses that I will be teaching in the fall. I would like to clean up my dashboard so that it only displays the shells of my current or upcoming courses. How can I clean up my dashboard to deal with my request?

Likewise, for the menu when trying to send an email via Canvas. It displays previous courses along with the current courses that I will be teaching.



Hi @jaismincheema,

If you're not able to edit your name, your institution has restricted things. To make changes to your name in Canvas, reach out to your school's IT department. Anyone there with Canvas Admin access can update your name in Canvas. 


Hi @DrWendy,

Could you provide more information about the issue you're experiencing? 


Hi @CdaCosta,

Favorited courses will display on the Dashboard. To remove a course from your Dashboard, you'll need to unfavorite the course. For steps, check out the Move Course Cards step in the How do I view my favorite courses in the Card View Dashboard as an instructor? guide.


My course is not showing up on my admin's associates list. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong!

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