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Is it possible to assign modules by section?  The only way I can have discussions per section is to assign different discussions to each section.  I cannot just put all class periods in the "Assign to" for one discussion or ALL students are thrown together.  This creates a problem when setting up a module because the student only needs to complete the discussion for his/her class, not all the discussions, but I need to post all the discussions in the module for all kids to access them through Modules.  Is there any way to resolve this?

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Hi Wendy:

First, let me make sure I am understanding you correctly - you are teaching all periods from one Canvas classroom. Is that correct?

If so, then is each period in it's own section? You can tell by going to the People Index page, and looking down the Section column. If so, then create a discussion for each section in your Modules, then assign each discussion only to the appropriate section. Students in other sections will see it grayed out in the module, and will be unable to access it. How do I assign a graded discussion to a course section?

Let me know if that works, or if you have further questions.


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