Assigning point values to each part of fill-in multiple blanks in Classic quiz.

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When creating a fill-in multiple blanks question in Classic Quizzes, each fill-in response is automatically worth 1 point.

Our fill-in response questions may vary in difficulty levels and therefore they should not all be worth the same number of points.

I suggest that we be able to assign a point values to each fill-in response.  I recommend that we place a point value option for each fill-in response in the ANSWERS section.

Thank you.


P.S. I proposed this suggestion earlier today and when I when I clicked the submit button, nothing happened.  I still saw the same screen. so that is why I am resubmitting my suggestion again here.  Thanks again!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

@arleenlewis ...

Hi there.  You may or may not be aware of this, but Instructure (the folks that make Canvas) are no longer developing new features for current Classic Quizzes in Canvas.  Their focus has been on developing and enhancing their New Quizzes product.  I am not sure what your school Canvas administrators have planned for releasing New Quizzes to you and your fellow instructors, but you might want to have that conversation with them.  However, in looking at the Fill in the Blank question type documentation, it does not appear that you can set specific points for specific possible answers.  How do I create a Fill in the Blank question in Ne... - Instructure Community - 985 (

There is a separate area here in the Canvas Community website for submitting your ideas and suggestions to help improve Canvas functionality...which you can find at: Instructure Community Guide - Instructure Community (  Check out the "Ideas and Themes" section...and specifically the Guides on how to create a new idea.

I know this isn't a direct answer to your question, but I hope that the links I have shared will provide clarity for you.  Good luck!

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