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Assigning work to students

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When creating an assignment I don't always want to assign it to everyone, but I also don't want to have to type in every students name. My classes are large;30 students. I may want to assign to all but one or two students. Is there a way I can do this without having to type the students names every time. Like is there a way if I select assign to everyone that the students names appear and I can delete the ones I do not want? There has to be a better way. Other platforms allow you to do this. 

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@KSmithhart -

Unfortunately, that option is not currently available and it has been brought up multiple times for a desired feature.  There should be something in the ideas conversation area with this feature requested.

Just be glad that your class is not as large as some others that post(400+ students).

The only way to easily do what you want in Canvas is if it is always the same students that you do not want to assign all assignments to.  If the same students are to always be omitted, you can create your own section in Canvas (put all the students who are to receive the assignment in this section) and then assign the assignment to that section.  If the students vary by assignment, then you are stuck with what you are currently doing

instructor guide on how to create sections in a course

Instructor guide chapter on courses and sections


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