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How do I add a section to a course as an instructor?

How do I add a section to a course as an instructor?

You can add a section to your course by editing your course Settings in Canvas. Sections help subdivide students within a course and offer section-specific options such as varied due dates for assignments, discussions, and quizzes. Sections also display for each student within the course People page and the Gradebook.

Sections can also be created for students who need extra time in a course, such as if a student has an incomplete grade.

Note: Sections may be added by your institution's student information system (SIS). Some course sections may have already been created for you.

Open Settings

Open Settings

In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.

Open Sections

Open Sections

Click the Sections tab.

Add Section

Add Section

In the section field [1], type the name of the new section. Click the Add Section button [2].

View Section

View Section

View the section in your course.

You can also choose to change section start and end dates if needed.

You can add additional sections if necessary. Multiple sections are ordered alphabetically.

Note: If a section was previously added via SIS, and you have permission to view SIS IDs, the section's SIS ID also displays in the Course Sections page.

Add Users to Sections

Once you have added sections to your course, you can add users to sections from the People page in your course.


It seems to me that what you want is groups. Just create a different group for each group of students, and that should do what you need it to in terms of communication and assignments. 

Will student observers be added to the section the students are moved to automatically?  There is no option to add observers to specific sections...

Hi @egerig,

Since observers are linked to students, they should follow them to whatever section they belong to. Observers do not display sections in the People page like students and teachers do, but you should see the change reflected if you view your sections from Course Settings.


@meriahcr that doesn't work.  If you give an assignment to a group, they only submit one assignment.  If you want individual assignments, you can't assign to a group.  

There is no option to "add sections" in the settings menu?



I talked to the person who manages Canvas for our institution.  If he assigns sections, it breaks the interface with Colleague, which means I have to manually check for changes in course registration and manually enter grades.  Nope.

Groups are *NOT* the same. Members of a group can see each other's assignments. Using additional sections in a course is a great way to distinguish between groups of students who attend on certain days. 

For example, I have a "Group A" and a "Group B" and they rotate by week who attends in person.

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