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Assignment Batch Edit Overhaul

The Assignment Batch Edit feature needs a major overhaul. 

I would like the ability to increase/decrease the due date OR the available date, why is it just both? Same for remove dates.  

I would like the ability to manually enter a date that applies to the entire batch.  Just being able to shift by a set number of days is not useful at all.  


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Hi @cduke ...

I see what you mean ... using the screen via the "Assignments" index page to batch edit assignment dates.  I know this might not be the exact solution you're looking for, but @James has a nifty script that you can use to change assignment due dates via a Google spreadsheet.  His method was developed long before Canvas came out with their own solution.  So, you might want to give it a try.  It's called a "Canvancement" (Canvas enhancement):

Adjust All Assignment Dates on One Page - Instructure Community (

He has a full description of what it is, how it works, and also some video instructions on how to use it in your own course(s).

Give it a shot...and if you have questions, you can post those at the bottom of his write-up so that he can respond.

Hope this will help a bit.  Take care, and be well.