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We just moved to Canvas this past fall. Our instructors are finishing up their reporting and are looking for average grades for various assignment groups. I cannot find any easy way to identify those numbers. It seems like this has to be done manually. Is that correct? Our previous two LMS platforms figured that for us, so my instructors are very frustrated right now. Are we just missing something?

Ann R.

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Hi @annmarierill 

Each assignment group creates its own total column in the gradebook, so it is easy to see how students did in each group. However, there are no overall totals or class averages available. As you noted, this could be done manually by exporting the gradebook as CSV files, then manipulating that data in the spreadsheet.Tedious!

You could go to Idea Conversations in this community, and create a new idea for folks to evaluate. There may already be an idea for this in there that you can support; but honestly, there were too many existing ideas for me to check right now. Anyways..............

Good luck,


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