Assignments not loading into a Module

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I have a list of assignments being pulled in from Pearson's MyFrenchLabs.  All of the assignments from the publisher are showing correctly in the assignment index in my course.  When I go to insert some (about a dozen out of 50 assignments) of these assignments into a module, they are not listed as options to insert.  

Has anyone experienced this, and if so, guidance is greatly appreciated

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Community Coach

Hello  @emily_morgan  ...

I have a small bit of experience (though quite limited) with Pearson MyLabs LTI content.  My first question would be...when you look at your "Assignments" page in Canvas, what kind of icon is showing up next to those Pearson MyFrenchLabs items that you've imported into your course?  In my example below, the icons from top to bottom are graded Discussion, Quiz, and Assignment.

Assignment Icons

When you are trying to add the item to your Modules screen, are you selecting the appropriate category from the drop-down list?  Hopefully, the Pearson content would show up in one of those lists.  If you can please confirm this, that would be great...thanks!

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