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Attendance - excused or unexcused

Our school allows up to two excused absences per quarter for medical or emergency situations. How can that be reflected in CANVAS when the only options are present, late or absent? The absence must be recorded but it then penalizes the student even though they have a legitimate reason for their absence. The only workaround I have found is to assign zero points to the attendance assignment.

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I implemented the suggestion below Ken and it meets my need. Thank you all,

Kenneth (Lance) Tyler, DMin, MA, BCC, AAPC

Chaplain Services

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I dont see the badges on the .csv download, help?

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nothing like an ability to vote shows up for me either, even though I select to vote. I think there needs to be some other way of recording attendance with more options such as excused. this is a big oversight by developers!

I'm in the same boat,  @msmith12 ‌! Did you ever figure out how to do this? Smiley Happy

Misti Smith - I am also curious if either of you figured this out - the feature request is now in "cold storage" so I can't see the current status. Thanks!

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No resolution that I am aware of. I have used a badge or tag in the past but it is that long ago now I cannot remember exactly how to do that again,

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Thanks for the reply. I have created a badge for an excused absence, but there is no way to see this in a report or as a summary on a page. At least not that I can figure out.

I used a badge for excused absence and then left them as present, then when

you run the report you can get a number of badges but it doesn't count

against them.

On Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 9:59 AM Jason Johnston <>

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Kimberley Munzo has a nice solution but it seems to me the denominator for number of class sessions attended changes which could affect the Attendance Grade. If you don't use the "Late" function for tardy students then perhaps you can use it as a surrogate for excused absences. You would have to change the grade weighting for "Late" to 100%.