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Automatic Peer Review Assigned to Non-Submitting Students

I understand that Canvas can automatically assign peer reviews only to students who have submitted the original assignment, and I understand that I can manually assign peer reviews to students whether they have submitted the original assignment or not.

Does Instructure plan to update the peer review tool so instructors can automatically assign peer feedback to all students, whether they submitted the original assignment or not?

Some of us want all students to do peer feedback.


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Hi @davidgs,

I haven't seen anything in the release notes about this yet; however, there is an idea posted for the same request that I think you might want to comment on and vote for: Canvas Peer Review Auto-assign doesn't auto-assign late submissions  

I need to vote for it, too! My colleagues and I were just discussing needing this feature for peer reviews at our institution.

Be well,


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Done! Thanks, @kmallen .