Automatic Roll call?

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Does the Roll Call feature automatically checks those who are present and those absent in the class list?


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The Roll Call Attendance tool does not attendance automatically, this must be done manually as explained below.

In the List View, you can take attendance by toggling the correct mark next to each student's name [1]. Click the attendance mark until you arrive at the desired mark:

  • To mark the student as present and on time, click one time (green check mark icon).
  • To mark the student as not present, click two times (red X icon).
  • To mark the student as late, click three times (orange clock icon).
  • To unmark the attendance status, leave the button as the default (gray no symbol icon). The unmarked attendance status also indicates an excused absence.

You can also take attendance by clicking the Mark All Present button [2].

If you need to start over or clear all attendance entries, click the Unmark All button [3].

How do I take roll call using the Attendance tool? 

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