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Is there a way to change the background color on a page?  I have tried HTML code & it doesn't work.

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Carrie, depending on your designing background you may really benefit from joining the Instructional Designers group here on the Canvas community.  I am no expert in these matters, but a page background color is something that can likely be accomplished with a bit of CSS at a sub-account level if this is something that you wanted to institute department- or school-wide.

But assuming this is just for a specific course that you are teaching, the short answer is "kind of, but you likely won't like it."  Again, I'll defer to someone else with more design skills, but if you head into the HTML editor and insert a SPAN with some CSS, you can change MOST of the page background color....but not all.  So, if you input something like this in the very first line of text in the HTML editor:

<div style="background-color: #b4cdcd;">

and then add a closing </div> tag at the very end of the page, you will wind up with a page that has a cyan-color background that looks something like this:

background color page.jpg

And now you see what I said "kind of."  The Canvas-created page title/header does NOT change its color; only the background of the text that you input into the rich content editor.  Modifying the header background color and other items like that is where you should dive into the Instructional Designers group for some information and tips, but (again) my understanding is that that sort of change can only be done at the account/sub-account level by someone with admin rights at that level.  (But others, feel free to correct me on this!)


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