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Hi Canvas Community,

I am busy setting up my Canvas instance and would like to find out if there is a way to use an animated GIF as the background "image" on my login screen.  I see the recommended file type for the login screen background image is JPG, whilst the GIF I have is in MP4.

Could anyone guide me on whether this is possible, and if so, how I could go about doing it?

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Hello @EllieWdW 

I understand that you are wondering if you can use an animated GIF as the background image on your login page. 

I was able to test this out in my sandbox and was able to see that you can configure the login page to use a GIF as the background. This can be done from the theme editor under the login screen area. One thing to note is that a JPG is recommended, but it looks like you can also use a GIF file. An MP4 file will not work since that is more of a media video file. 

HERE is our guide on using the theme editor. 

HERE is our documentation on Canvas Theme Editor Image Templates

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