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BluePrint syncing duplicate content

Has anyone had an experience with duplicate content in associated courses when syncing?

We received the following message from an instructor and are not sure what is going on. We have escalated to Instructure, but we thought we would ask here as well,

"I am 100% confident I had not populated it with anything before syncing the courses. I know this because I originally synced and published and both courses looked normal.  I then made some BP changes and re-synced and that's when I started seeing duplicates.  After another BP update I saw yet more duplicates. Initially there were duplicated announcements so I fixed that.  Now I'm seeing duplicate assignment and just now I went in and all my pages are duplicated as well."

Any thoughts Canvas friends?

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Hello there,  @Heather-Ryan ...

I am going to tag our resident Blueprint course experts  @lindalee ‌ and  @kblack ‌ in this topic because they have had lots of experience in this area and may have a solution for you.  Good luck!

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Thanks Chris!

Thanks for the mention,  @Chris_Hofer ‌.  @Heather-Ryan , the only times this should happen is if the instructor edits something that was pushed out.  I discovered this and reported this in an earlier post back in the days when blueprint was just getting started. Basically, if an instructor edits a non-locked item, it is essentially treated as their own in the course and the sync operation will not touch it, and you might then very well see a duplicate of an item appear in the course.  You may want to check in with the instructors, as well, to see if they did anything to the items pushed out.  If they did, that may explain it.  Otherwise, this shouldn't be happening and should be reported....which it sounds like you've already done!


Hi Heather Ryan,

Very early on -- in Fall 2017, when we first started our Blueprint pilot -- we saw some issues with duplicate content, primarily files. We reported this to Instructure, but the problem wasn't something we could easily reproduce. Eventually, it stopped happening, and it has been a long time since we've seen it.

Honestly, I can't think what would cause this amount of duplication -- not even editing a non-locked item should do that.

If it's just about all content that's been duplicated (announcements, pages, assignments), I'd look to see if the Blueprint association was removed and restored, and that resulted in everything being copied over again.

I'd also open a ticket with Instructure support and see if they can figure out what is going on.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help!



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I am experiencing a similar situation.  After syncing, the associated course had 2 copies of each module.  The modules were locked.  Was there ever a solution or explanation?  

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Hi Ginger,

That's very strange. I'd open a support case to report the issue.


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I just submitted a ticket about the same thing. Did you ever get an answer? How as it resolved.

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Hi, All: 

I think my question fits here. I am planning to sync updated content for large number of associated sections. New modules have been built for six weeks but links to existing assignments remain. I want to avoid duplicating anything, so should I leave the original six weeks in the blueprinted shell, or should I delete those before I sync the update? I tried with Importing and it duplicated everything, which I don't think will happen in blueprint, but I want to be sure. 


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