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Hi Community,

There are activity and resource changes that need to be made to a blueprint course, and that blueprint then associated with the active course.  I'm fine with this.

Because this is an active course (in other words there are students on the course who have completed some of the activities and have been graded) I'm concerned that by associating the course with the blueprint, will affect these activities and/or grades.

Could anyone provide clarity on the impact of setting up this association and provide advice on whether this is a good idea or not.

Kind regards,


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Hi Elsabe,

I have done this but there are some issues to watch out for, including (though possibly not limited to) the following:

1. Any objects that exist in the blueprint before the association is made will be pushed to the associated course upon association.

2. The association won't change assignments that existed in the child course before association.

3. Upon association some settings of the blueprint seem to be synced to the associated course (I've tested the 'hide total grades' option...)

The sync history however shows 0 changes pushed for the association

Interestingly the term setting for the blueprint does not sync upon association.




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