Blueprint: removing "Choose Home Page" option

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Hello, everyone!

I'm having trouble finding a feature that prevents teachers from changing their Front Page selection on their Blueprint courses. We'd like to maintain a consistent student/parent user experience for each course's Home Page when they enter any of our courses, but we have found that teachers change their Home Page to Modules or Syllabus or even another page. I've seen the video about locking Blueprint items by General Locked Objects and Locking Objects by Type, but those options seem to point more towards preventing content on a Page from being edited, which we already use.  🙂 

I'm interested in a Blueprint setting that would prevent the "Choose Home Page" button from being an option or perhaps displaying in the course once deployed. Does this feature exist, and if not, can you point me to a feature request page?  

Thanks for the help.

PS - If the feature does not exist, I'm also open to insight/discussion in a reply as to why a feature like should NOT exist for an institution's Blueprint courses to help me understand why it has not been developed. Thanks again!

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