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Is there a way to add bonus points to a category so that it allows for additional points to be added?  For example, if there is an optional assignment that I want to have Canvas assign the bonus points to the final exam grade, how would I set that up?

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If I understand you correctly, this can easily be done if the final exam is in its own assignment group.  Put the assignment that you want to use for the extra points in that same group.  When creating it, give it a value of 0 points.  When you grade it enter in whatever points a student earns for the assignment.  The final exam grade is then scaled by that number of points.  if the gradebook is points based, I believe the points will just add in (I don't use points based grade books).  If the grade book is Weighted by percent groups, then your points of the two assignments will be added for the overall result.  I.e. I use weighted gradebooks, so if a student has a score of 40/50 on the final and 5 points on the extra assignment, then their grade is 45/50 or 90% - raised from the 40/50 = 80%.


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