Prevent students resubmitting after close date

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I'm guessing it's because I'm using external tool submissions, but my assignments are all closed and I'm still getting student resubmissions. Now I'm going and changing every single one to only 1 allowed attempt, which is a massive time suck and I have to do after the close date.  I want students the opportunity to resubmit work within a reasonable time frame so I don't want to limit this when creating the assignment.  I don't want to stop using external tool (even though it's woefully under supported and needs some basic functions like auto-mark missing), and I don't want to have to change the attempts after I've made the assignment. Please help!

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So it looks like it's Kami letting them resubmit.  I tried it out in the test environment and students can see *and work on* their kami assignments in their grades window, even if the actual assignment is closed.  If you go to grades, then look at submission details the full Kami availability is there, including the save/unsubmit/resubmit button.  I have to use kami in my course, and this "feature" does not make me happy.  I'm assuming if students can find the assignmnet in their google drive it behaves the same. 

Thanks @Chris_Hofer for helping me figure out exactly what the problem is, I guess next step is figure out how to kick this way upstairs for someone to fix larger scale. 


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