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Hello I am a student my proffessor uploaded a book to canvas and i cannot find it i was wondering if someone could help me.

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Hello  @schrubbecj15 and welcome to the Community!  There are a number of places the book could be placed, so ultimately you may need to contact your instructor for more information.  You may be able to access the book in the following places:

- In the "Files" tab

- Linked in one of the modules in the "Modules" tab

- As a link on the "Syllabus" tab

- As a link or an attachment in an announcement in the "Announcements" tab

- As a link on the homepage of your course

-As a separate tab, particularly if it is through a particular vendor

There are a number of other places that the book could be located, so if you look at these and can't find it you could contact one of the support options for Canvas (How do I get help with Canvas as a student?) or message your instructor for clarification.

I hope this helps and best wishes!

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