Bug with Last Activity and the Zero Activity Report?

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I am seeing a potential bug concerning Last Activity and Zero Activity Report. Here is what I am seeing:


In the “People” section of course id 529, student Jacob Davis last visited the course on May 17 at 3:15 PM.

His total activity in that course is blank (should show at least 1 second of activity, correct?).

If we look at the “Page Views” section of his profile, course 529 does not appear anywhere.

When we run the zero activity report, the student does not appear in the report for this course. It as if he has attended the course, even though the "Page Views" section of his profile says otherwise.

My assumption is that the zero activity report is using the Last Activity date in the People section of the course, which is not accurate, and possibly a bug.


Please advise.


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The question that remains unanswered is why are those 4 page views not appearing in the "Page Views" section of the user profile?

To be clear, you are talking about the page views that are only available to admins? Page views are used in different ways and it can be confusing if we're talking about different things. 

There are page views that are HTTP requests. Everything comes into Canvas via one of these. That is what shows up for the admin, but there is some filtering that goes on there before Canvas shows it to us. Much of the CSS and JavaScript and miscellaneous stuff needed to display the page is not shown to us.

Then there are page views that happen when someone views content. There is an HTTP request (perhaps more than one) behind that, but Canvas consolidates that down to a single request.

One potential explanation depends on whether the student was using a mobile app or a web browser? The web browser is pretty good about getting things logged but there have been issues with mobile apps not getting logged properly. If I remember, some of the reason for the issue had to do with distinguishing an API call that was to view content from other API calls.

The information does not come from the same database. The page views (HTTP requests) is a massively huge table that is summarized for quick access by writing information to additional tables. It's that secondary table that the access report pulls its information from. It would be too slow and take too long to try and query the page views (requests) table every time someone needed an asset report.

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